Activate Virtual Reward Center [UPDATE]

Activate Virtual Reward Center Card online via enter code. You can also contact virtual reward center customer support for activation

Virtual Reward Center is well-known for its ability to provide solutions that are instant, reliable, and value-selective.

A reward will be given to third-party companies that have contracted with Virtual Reward Center If you take part in surveys, consumer discounts, sweepstakes, or instant win sweepstakes, you can receive a reward from Virtual Reward Center

If you recently received a new Virtual Reward Center card, you must activate it at before you can use it. Follow the below instructions to learn more about activation.

Activate the Virtual Reward Center card at

  1. Access the Virtual Reward Center card activation page –
  2. Enter the card number into the required field on the page for activation.
  3. Uncheck the box that states “I’m not a robot”
  4. Click on the Allow link.
  5. Follow the instructions to activate your Virtual Reward Center Card.

So these are the steps you will need to follow to to activate your Virtual Reward Center card.

Important Activation Tips

  1. You will need to dial the number listed on your Virtual Reward Center card and follow the instructions to activate the account.
  2. If you don’t see an activation sticker on your rewards card, it is activated and can be used to make purchases and transactions.

How do I change or reset my PIN?

Contact 1-877-448-3970 for your PIN.

To ensure that the balance on your credit card is safe, you need to protect the security of your PIN.

If you lose your PIN or think that your PIN has become less secure, you should contact Customer Service immediately.

We recommend not writing your PIN on your card or keeping a note of your PIN on your card.

You are accountable for the security of your PIN. You cannot recuperate funds that were that are lost as a result of the misuse or misuse of the PIN.

How do I redeem my reward?

Follow the link that was sent to your Inbox or was given by your program sponsor. Each link will provide you with specific instructions on how to instantly redeem the online reward.

How do I sign up for my reward?

Most rewards can be redeemed without registration, but certain rewards require registration details.

Follow the instructions on the screen which appear after you click the reward link that you have received via your Inbox as well as from the Program’s Sponsor.

We at the Virtual Reward Center respect your privacy concerns and appreciates the relationship we share with you.

Visit the section on privacy in our Privacy Policy to find out more about the steps we employ to safeguard your personal information.

How do I contact Virtual Reward Center to get help?

if you have any query so, please get in touch with Customer Service at Virtual Reward Center by following these steps


Are there restrictions on how the Virtual Reward Center Card can be used?

Some merchants may decline your Reward Card.
– Car Rental Agencies
– Pawnshops
– Bridge and Road Fees, Tolls
Lodging – Hotels and Motels, Resorts
Money Transfers
– Insurance Sales and Premiums
– Securities – Brokers/Dealer
– Real Estate agents and managers – Rentals
– Direct Marketing – Outbound Telemarketing Merchants
Public Warehousing – Farm Products, Refrigerated Goods, and Household Goods Storage


What do I do to record my reward?

Many rewards can be used immediately without registration. However, some rewards require registration to be redeemed. View the Privacy Policy section to learn more about how we protect your personal data.

What can I do to change my PIN or set it?

Call 1-877-448-9370 to get your pin. Protecting your card's confidentiality is crucial. You cannot recover funds that have been misused.

Where can I redeem my card? Virtual Reward Center card

The Virtual Reward Center card can be used at any American-based merchant that accepts Visa or MasterCard debit cards.

Why is the word "Debit” on my credit card's front?

Card issuers must mark non-credit products using the phrase "Debit". However, you have the option to choose between credit or debit when making online payments

How can I withdraw cash from an ATM?

This card cannot be used to withdraw cash from an ATM or converted into cash.

Is it possible to apply for this card and use it outside of the United States?

No. This card can only be used to make purchases in the United States or to purchase online from merchants within the United States.

How is the Virtual Reward Card different from a regular credit card?

A credit card offers the possibility of getting credit upfront. You will need to repay the credit based on how much you spend within a specified time period. A virtual rewards card allows you to use the money you have available.

Can I receive a paper statement with my credit card?

The transactions you make with your card are verified online. Simply log in to and select the card image to view transaction history.

Is Virtual reward center legit

Yes, its 100% legit and you can use it safely.

How do I check the balance on my virtual reward Visa card?

you can easily check online via and login with your id password and click on statement and balance.