7 Best Multiplayer Games For Android TV [UPDATE]

Android TV doesn’t just stream movies and TV shows; it also offers a complete entertainment experience. You can stream music and check the weather.

We’ll be looking at the top 10 multiplayer Android games you can play with your family and friends. These games do not require an extra game controller. To play multiplayer games, you can use an Android TV remote and a smartphone. These games can be downloaded from the Android TV Play Store. Let’s take a look at the top multiplayer games for Android TV.

Bomb Squad

This game features a bomb squad where you must survive until the end to win the round. You can place different types of bombs and create mini-maps with your friends.

You can enjoy multiplayer co-op or PvP modes. This app is available in the Android Play Store. It connects players to the game via a dedicated bomb squad remote application. A simple step in the right direction can transform your smartphone into a gaming device.

Hovercraft Battle

Hovercraft Battle Arena is the next game. This game can be played in multiplayer modes of P vs. P or 3 vs. 3. This game allows us to team up with friends, and we have multiple options to upgrade, customise, or build hovercrafts from scratch. This game can be played in multiplayer mode with dedicated controller support. The game can be played with both a gamepad controller and a remote control on your TV. You can also find different versions of the game in the Android TV store if you enjoy battle arena games. You can search the Play Store for hovercraft build, hovercraft takedown, or hovercraft retry to find these games. These games also provide multiplayer support, so you can have fun with your friends.

Bomber Friends

This game is great for those who like to takedown. It has both a campaign and multiplayer mode. To defeat your opponents, we must place a bomb. You can choose to play in either player-vs-player or team-up mode with your opponents. Cross-device compatibility is also supported by this game, which allows you to play on Android, iOS, or Android TV.

Air Console App

You can also try the Android TV Air Console app, which offers an amazing collection of multiplayer games. You can choose from a variety of multiplayer games. The free version has 11 games, while the paid version offers more than 160. The Airconsole app provides remote support for your Android smartphone. This app allows you to easily link the app to your smartphone. You must enter a 6-digit pin from a smartphone listed in the air console Android TV app.Similar to the above, you can also link other smartphones in order to play multiplayer games.

Burnin’ Rubber 5 AIR

Burin Rubber is a racing game in the Battel Arena where you can race against your friends in split-screen mode. You aim to collect as many cars as possible and to win the race championship. You can customise different weapons for your car in this game. You can modify your car with mines, chain guns, homing missiles, and many other weapons. On the most thrilling tracks, you can unlock modified cars.


Meltdown is a great shooting game. This multiplayer co-op game allows us to connect the controller and play with four players. The game can also be played offline, where you can explore 30 levels and test different weapons. This multiplayer game is best enjoyed with friends who have a dedicated controller. You can also enjoy the game online with cross-platform support.

World Chess Championship

The World Chess Championship is a puzzle and brainstorming game that you should try on your Android TV. It has realistic graphics and smooth gameplay. This game can be played online, offline, or in multiplayer mode. A dedicated controller is not required to play multiplayer. An android TV remote can be used to play the game both offline and online.