Poptv.com Activate Pop TV on Roku & Fire TV, IOS 2022

Activate poptv at poptv.com/activate on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Andorid and IOS devices by following activation steps.

POP TV is commonly known as a pay TV channel. It is owned and managed ViacomCBS’ domestic network division. POP TV is an entertainment channel that focuses primarily on programming related to pop culture.

However, if you want to access the channel on streaming devices such as Amazon Fire TV and Roku, then you’ll need to first download the app and activate it via poptv.com/activate.

Learn to activate POP TV from the poptv.com/activate webpage.

Roku Activating POP TV Channel on poptv.com/activate

  1. First, turn on your Roku device. Next, make sure that it is connected to internet. To get to the Home screen, press the icon from your Roku remote.
  2. After you have landed on your Roku’s home screen, scroll down to find the Streaming Channels section. Here you can choose the Roku Channel Store option. This will take you to the Roku channel store.
  3. You will need to search the Roku Channel Store page for the POP TV app. Select the application to access the preview
  4. You will find the Preview page for the POP TV app. Here you can select the Add Channel option. This will start the installation process. After the app is installed on your Roku device you will need return to the home page.
  5. After you have landed on the home screen you will need the POP TV app open on your screen. Follow the instructions on screen to obtain the activation code. Sign in to the app with the credentials you have been provided by your service provider if you are prompted.
  6. As you get activation code, go to web browser on a separate phone, tablet or computer, and navigate to the activation page for POP TV by using the URL poptv.com/activate.
  7. Enter the activation code into the field provided and click the ACTIVATE button.
  8. Follow the prompts on screen to finish activating.

Activating POP TV Channel on Amazon Fire TV at poptv.com/activate

  1. You can go to the home screen on your Amazon Fire TV device by pressing the button on the remote.
  2. To access the Amazon Fire TV’s application store, select the apps option.
  3. After you have landed on the Apps page, the next step is to find the POP TV application. search by categories or use the search option. Once you have located the app, you’ll need to click on it to open the page.
  4. For installing app on Amazon Fire TV, select the appropriate option from the page. 
  5. To activate the code, launch the POP TV App from the home screen. For log in, use the credentials provided by your service provider to sign in to the app.
  6. Once you have your activation code, launch a browser on your phone, tablet or computer to navigate to the POP TV activation webpage poptv.com/activate.
  7. You will need to enter your activation code on the activation page and then select the
  8. Follow the prompts on screen to complete activation.

These are the steps to activate POP TV via the poptv.com/activatepage.