Activate Sync My Ride Online 2023

SYNC’s smart feature, Sync My Ride, allows you to use your voice for managing calls, choosing applications, listening to music, and many other functions through Ford AppLink. This technology allows users to keep their eyes focused on the road and their hands on the wheel. You can read the following information if you just bought a Ford car. The following guide will help you to set up and activate Sync My Ride feature via

Activate Sync My Ride on

Ford Sync My Ride technology activates and you can enjoy the most recent connectivity features such as Ford+Alexa and SYNC AppLink.

These are the steps to connect to your phone.

To activate SYNC My Rider

  1. First, create an account at the Ford Sync My Ride website. To do this, you will first need to create an account at the strong>em>Ford Sync My Ride website.
  2. After you have landed on the website, select the HELLO option. Next, select the Your Setting option.
  3. Next, select the ” Cars & SYNC tab in the Section.
  4. Next, locate the “SYNC Mobile Setting” option under “Vehicles & SYNC,” and then choose the “Add a number” option.
  5. Next, enter your phone number. Your phone will remember your nickname.
  6. Next, download and install the Ford Sync Destinations app on your smartphone. Then enable the Bluetooth function on your phone. This will allow you to connect automatically when you start your Ford.

Activating Sync My Ride at

To know how to activate Sync My Ride on the page, you must follow the instructions provided below.

  1. Open a web browser from your smartphone, tablet, or computer and navigate to the SyncMyRide activation page by using the URL com/activate.
  2. Once you have reached the activation page, you will need to click the Register/Sign In option in the upper-right corner. You will then be taken to the next page.
  3. Next, enter your username or email address and password into the field. Then click the login button.
  4. Follow the prompts on the screen to complete activation.
  5. If you have any questions about activating the feature of Sync My Ride, click on the Support button on the activation page. You can browse the assistance options and find the answer to your specific query.

Other Features of Ford SYNC

  • The AppLink features let you quickly launch and manage top smartphone apps using voice commands or your touchscreen in your Ford.
  • Ford+Alexa can help you find the traffic information to your office and to the nearest shop. Ford+Alexa has over 30,000 capabilities to help you make your life easier. It also allows you to connect to supported smart devices within your home.
  • The FordPass feature allows you to control your vehicle remotely and provides security. You can track your vehicle’s location, get vital information, chill the car before you enter, and lock or unlock the car remotely.
  • The Hotspot lets users connect to up to 10 supported devices simultaneously and provides access to the vehicle’s 50-foot range.
  • You can make and receive calls using the SyNC 3 Android Auto/Apple CarPlay function. You can also access live traffic reports and voice-guided navigation.

So, these are the steps that you will need to follow to activate the Sync My Ride on the page.