Activate Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV 2023

Do not sneak into your friend’s home to catch your favorite OWN talk shows. Since you have a Roku device at home, why not learn how to activate your Watch OWN app by entering the code at

You can watch your favorite star couples share their secrets by watching original programming; Oprah Winfrey Network, also known as OWN, is a network that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to providing an endless amount of entertainment periodically. Discovery Inc. and Harpo Studio own it; OWN is available to more than 90 million paying-TV American households. This speaks volumes about the vast appeal.

Activation on streaming devices

If you’re preparing to stream your most-loved Oprah Winfrey Network shows on Roku or any other media player, ensure you have all the necessary equipment ready.

  • High-speed Internet
  • A smartphone or a computer
  • A current subscription to the channel
  • Cable TV providers (AT&T U-Verse, Verizon, DIRECTV, and DISH Network)
  • In the home screen on Roku, go to the Roku Channel Store.
  • Choose “Streaming Channels” with the remote (scroll either way up or down).
  • Go to the section that reads “Movies and TV” or click on the “TV All Over the World” category.
  • This is where you search to find”Watch OWN TV” on the “Watch OWN TV” application. (You are able to simply type the word in the search bar and get the results you want.)
  • Click “+Add Channel” and confirm the channel when you are prompted to download the app for your Roku.
  • It will be integrated into YouTube’s streaming platforms in just a few seconds. It should now be in the channels that have been added to the list.
  • Open the app to see an individual code displayed on the TV screen. This is your OWN TV activation code and should be kept safe.
  • Once you’ve received your unique activation code, you need to visit the authorized website, i.e., or on a different device to enter the code. (If you get prompted, make sure to sign in using the pay-TV service you are using. Select your TV provider in the drop-down menu.)
  • Be sure not to make any mistakes, and after inserting the activation number, click”ACTIVATE. “ACTIVATE” click.
  • It should take hardly any time to get an effective message.
  • It’s the Roku device is now ready to stream your most loved content.

Activate to start watching OWN TV on Fire TV?

To enable your preferred OWN TV on Amazon Fire TV, Here’s what you’ll need to know.

  • Connect the streaming device, then navigate through the Amazon Play Store to download the Watch OWN TV app.
  • After downloading, you can tap it to start the application on your television. It will then prompt you to enter a unique activation code.
  • Note it down and head to access the page –
  • Enter the code, then click “ACTIVATE.”
  • Get OWN TV on Apple TV using

Steps you follow to turn on your preferred OWN TV on your Apple TV!

  • Utilize the remote to navigate to Apple Store. Apple Store.
  • Search for the channel you want to watch or type it manually.
  • After you find it, tap on it and download and install the Watch OWN TV application onto the device streaming.
  • After installation, run the app and look for a unique activation code.
  • Take note of it and then access the page to activate, i.e., or
  • Enter the code and then click “ACTIVATE.”

How do I activate OWN TV on Android TV?

  • Those who have an Android TV in their home are asked to follow the steps below to watch their OWN TV easily.
  • Connect your Android TV and then access your home screen by using the remote.
  • Click on “Play Store,” then click”Play Store,” and click on the magnifying glasses icon. This will find an OWN TV app.
  • Click the “Install” button to install the application on your TV.
  • After that, you can launch the app to get an activation number.
  • Take note of the code and then navigate to the official activation link on another device, such as a tablet, computer, or mobile phone.
  • Input your Activation Code and click on the “ACTIVATE” button.
  • This will stop the process of activation. The Android TV’s screen will be refreshed automatically. Now it is available to watch.
  • If you log on to OWN’s OWN website, you can stream content at no cost. The programming you can stream includes OWN Original programming, streaming on demand of the most recent episodes, and much more.

Activate OWN TV on iOS Devices

To turn on OWN TV on an iOS device You’ll have the first to download the Watch OWN mobile application through the App Store. Follow the next steps:

  1. Open the application and connect to your TV provider’s account when you are asked.
  2. Make a photograph of your activation number or open the app within the background.
  3. Then, open the browser and go to Input the activation number that you received from the application.
  4. Follow the remaining steps. You’ll be able to view OWN TV through either your iPhone or iPad after it’s been activated.

OWN TV The Activation Code isn’t working?

The most frequently encountered issue people face when activating the OWN TV channel is this. In the event that your activation code isn’t working This is the way is possible to fix it:

  1. Verify that you have entered your proper code.
  2. Check that the device and computer/ mobile are both connected to the internet.
  3. It is suggested to activate the code when you receive the codes. The code expires if are waiting for a prolonged period of time.
  4. Reinstall the app and uninstall it. After that, open the app to receive the new activation code.

If none of these fixes works, contact customer service via to report your problem.

Additionally, OWN TV is available only in the United States. This means that the code won’t be able to work outside of the US. It is necessary to use VPN to connect to OWN TV outside the US. VPN to connect to OWN TV outside the US.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Watch OWN app free?

A: To be clear, you don’t have to shell out a cent for downloading this Watch OWN TV app. Although downloading and activating this app for your preferred streaming platform is free, you might require a subscription to a TV provider that is a participant. Choose the best TV provider, choose an appropriate plan, then begin watching your favorite celebrities’ interviews.

Q What devices are available for which I can download the OWN TV app?

A: You can download your Oprah Winfrey Network app on various devices such as smartphones, streaming devices, and even the internet. In the meantime, we’ll inform you that you’ll require an account with a participating television provider to view the show.

Q What are the steps differ between devices?

The steps can differ based on the kind of device you own. For instance, the activation process for Roku differs from Apple TV or Fire TV. Be careful when completing the activation steps.

Q: How do I locate what’s on the OWN TV schedule?

A: If you’re searching for an OWN TV schedule, you might want to look at the primetime program for the week. Click here to view the schedule.

Q: What’s the quick guide for finding an OWN TV application on the TV I have?

A: Visit OWN channels finder. Type in your zip code, then select the cable service you want to use.

Q: I would like to know if Watch OWN has closed captioning

Yes, it is. Concerning closed captioning, OWN is in compliance with Federal Communications Commission requirements. Closed-captioned programs are easily located as CC labels them. You can turn them on or off, depending on your preference.

This complete guide will help you to stream and activate your most-loved shows.