pair TV Get Spotify on PS4 PS5 or PS3

Please Note: Make certain your mobile device has the same WiFi connection as your Google device.

  1. Open the Google Home app and download it
  2. Tap Account at the top-right
  3. You can verify that the Google Account displayed is linked to your Google Home and Google Nest devices. Switch accounts by tapping another account or Adding another account
  4. Tap + at the top-left. Next, tap Music or audio
  5. Select Spotify, tap link Account, then Log In to Spotify

Ask Google to play anything, e.g. “OK Google, play Discover Weekly”.

Connect Spotify to Speakers

You can use Bluetooth-enabled devices like speakers, headphones and your car to play Spotify.

You will need to:

  • Spotify app for devices that support Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth-enabled audio devices

How to Use Bluetooth

Please note: When connecting to Bluetooth, it’s best not to close Spotify.

  1. Switch Bluetooth on both devices
  2. Pair the devices using their Bluetooth settings. Tip For more information, check your device’s support.
  3. Play Spotify.

Now, the sound comes from your device.

Not working?

  • Verify that the devices are within range. Ideally, they should be within 1 meter (3ft).
  • Some devices allow only one connection. You can try disconnecting other devices.
  • Check Bluetooth Allows Media Sharing in the Settings of the Spotify App
  • Make sure that both devices are powered up.

Try re-painting your device if it is still not working.

  1. You can delete information from the other device’s Bluetooth settings by going to Tip.
  2. Switch Bluetooth off on both devices and then turn it back on.
  3. Re-establish the connection. Check your device’s user guide for specific steps.

Spotify on TV

Log in to an app for TV

Open Spotify on your TV and then choose from these options to log in:

  • Enter your Spotify password and email address.
  • Open Spotify on your tablet or phone, and search for your device with Spotify Connect.
  • Select and LOG IN WITH A PIN. Next, open Enter the pin that you see on your screen.

Spotify in your car

Bring your favorite music and podcasts with you.

These are the best ways to connect your smartphone to your car.

  • Spotify Connect
  • Bluetooth
  • AUX cable or USB cable
  • Android Auto
  • Apple CarPlay

Many car stereos also have a Spotify app.

Spotify on PlayStation

Get Spotify for your PS5, PS4 or PS3 and listen to your favourite music and podcasts.

Logging in

Open the Spotify app on your console and then choose one these methods to log in:

  • Enter your Spotify password and email address.
  • Open Spotify on your tablet or phone, and search for your device with Spotify Connect.

Your account links to your PlayStation Network account when you log in to Spotify. This will automatically log you in to Spotify every time you log into your PSN account.

Listen as you play

Spotify continues to play when you play Spotify on your PS5/PS4 while you are gaming

Spotify for Samsung wearables

Samsung wearables let you control the music right from your wrist.

  • You can play, pause and skip music or podcasts
  • Save music
  • Shuffle, then repeat
  • Browse, Play, and Play from Your Library

You can also use Premium if you have it

  • Spotify Connect allows you to control what music plays on another device.
  • Listen to playlists offline by downloading them
  • Text controls for searching
  • Premium sound quality