10 Ride Or Die Jail Love Quotes, Saying, Messages, SMS, Status

Love is a special feeling that we all deserve to feel. It’s not always easy and it doesn’t mean you can just do anything, but when it happens it makes life worth living. There are many different kinds of love, but the most powerful kind is unrequited love or “jail love” as some call it. This type of unconditional love often comes from prison life where people spend so much time together in such close quarters that they form deep bonds with one another.

Love can be a crazy thing. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth the ride. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we wanted to share with you some quotes about love and relationships.

10 Ride Or Die Jail Love Quotes, Sayings, Messages, SMS, Status

I’m glad my son does not have to witness that the very people that he thought he could ride and die with wouldn’t think twice about using his mother.

Christopher Wallace

Motorcycles and coffins, ride or die. Somethin’ like a belt, right by my side. Smooth like butter, plus she’s fly. Like to call her debbie, cuz she’s my pie.


You be my ride or die like bonnie imma play the clyde.

Ace Hood

I ride or die for my family, that’s whats up.

Gloria Govan

I make sure everybody die , when we ride on your enemies.

Tupac Shakur

when I was Cripin it you was there to back me up like that ride or die chick.

Lil D

Gucci on the feet, Marc Jacob on the thigh. She wanna ride or die with ya boy in the chi. That’s right, so I let her kiss the prince. Her boyfriend, she ain’t missed him since.

Yung Berg