Activate Destiny Credit Card Online 2023

If you’re looking to establish credit or rebuild your credit, the Destiny Credit Card is for you. Once you have been approved for the Destiny Credit Card at you will need to wait until it arrives in the mail before you can activate the card and enjoy all the benefits and new purchasing power that your new Destiny card offers.

You can activate your account online or by phone. For a step–by–step guide on both activation methods, please see the following.

Activate Destiny Credit Card (Requires Log-In)

1. To activate the card you should visit the page

2. Sign in now to secure Serve.

3. Simply enter your Username and Password and click the Login Button.

4. Input the card number

5. Enter the Expiration Date for the card.

6. You must input the Security Code/CVV on the back of the card.

7. Finally, click on the button to activate.

8. This card is activated at the required time.

How do I register for an account on Destiny?

If you’d like to control your account in accordance with your own preferences Here’s how to apply to get an account on Destiny account.

  • Visit the Registration page on your computer.
  • Input your account number.
  • Fill in your birth date.
  • Enter the Social Security Number.
  • Hit Next. Click the Next button.
  • Follow the prompts on the screen to sign up for an account with the Destiny Card account.

What are the Benefits of Destiny MasterCard

These are the main benefits of a Destiny MasterCard

  • No upfront security deposit: The Destiny MasterCard’s greatest feature is the absence of a security deposit. This card does not require a security deposit, unlike most credit cards.
  • Minimum Credit Score: This card is also available without requiring a good credit history.
  • Quick Prequalification: This is the fastest way to find out if you are eligible for a Destiny MasterCard. It takes only 60 seconds. You will receive a new card as soon as you apply if you are eligible.
  • Reports to All Three Credit Bureaus The Destiny MasterCard sends all your reports to each credit bureau.


What happens if my card is missing or taken?

If your credit card has been lost or stolen, you should contact us immediately at 1-888-260-432. Should your debit or credit card be stolen or lost and is used without your authorization You may not be accountable for the charges.

Where can I utilize the card? Destiny Mastercard?

You can make use of Your Destiny Mastercard for purchases and cash advances at all locations that display your Mastercard logo.

What credit is available?

Credit available is your credit limit less your current balance, and the amount you have available for use. Keep in mind that your credit limit might not reflect a transaction for at least 14 days to let us verify your account’s funds.

What time will the online transaction be credited to my account?

The time limit for payment for online payment is 5 p.m., Pacific Time. If we receive your payment online before five p.m., Pacific Time your payment will be added to your account on the date on which it was received. In the event that we received your transaction late, after five p.m., Pacific Time the credit will appear on the following calendar date.

What was the reason my monthly minimum payment was not reduced after the retailer gave me a credit on my account?

In certain situations, the minimum monthly amount for payment won’t be decreased. For instance, if there is just a partial credit to an amount from a purchase transaction that is not a reduction in the amount of your minimum monthly payment. The reason is that the monthly amount for the purchase amount is fixed. It will be included in the calculation of your monthly minimum payment until the balance of your purchase transaction is at zero. For more details on how your minimum monthly amount is determined, review Your Account Agreement.