5 Reason Why Is Netflix Removing Christian Movies [LATEST]

The idea that Netflix has removed all Christian films from its service for streaming has been making rounds via social networks. This has created anxiety and confusion in Christian users who depend upon Netflix to fulfill the entertainment


We are able to confirm that this assertion is a lie. Netflix does not have a policy of removing all Christian films from its platforms. The claim was made in an article that was satirical and published on the UK-based site News Thump in 2016. The article stated that Netflix removed all Christian content in response to complaints from Muslims. The article, however, was humor and shouldn’t be taken as a serious matter.

There could be a myriad of reasons why Netflix is blocking religious movies. Some of them are:

Very low viewership

Netflix is a company driven by data that relies on statistics about viewership in deciding which shows to broadcast. The probability of a genre being removed from Netflix is contingent on how well-known it is in general. It’s likely that Netflix has taken down Christian films since they’re not watched enough often.

Questions regarding licensing

Netflix gets licenses to display films from production firms and studios. It’s possible that the contracts to show Christian films have expired or will cost too much to renew. Netflix might decide not to renew the licenses, and then remove the films off its service in the event of this.


There are a number of Christian films that might not be suitable to stream on Netflix because of their portrayal of sensitive subjects. To stop any backlash or publicity that is not favorable to avoid any negative publicity, it is possible that the platform might decide to take down the content of concern.

Moderation of content

In recent times, Netflix has faced increasing requests to restrict certain content. Netflix has been accused for publishing content that viewers find objectionable or unsuitable. Certain Christian films might have been taken off Netflix after being scrutinized for possible violations of the policy


In reality, Netflix has a dedicated category of faith-based films and TV shows that is titled “Faith & Spirituality.” This category has a selection of Christian films, including “The Case for Christ,” “God’s Not Dead,” and “Heaven Is For Real.” There are also a number of popular television shows that have Christian themes, like “The Chosen,” “VeggieTales,” and “The Bible.”

There Are Lots of Christian Movies on Netflix

In reality, Netflix has a pretty decent Faith and Spirituality section of films and shows that target Christian kids and adults and people of other faiths.

A few of the Christian movies available on Netflix which you can view right now (at the time when this article was published) are:

  • The Young Messiah
  • Blue Miracle
  • Mary Magdalene
  • A Week Away (musical)
  • Forgiven (with Kevin Sorbo)
  • God Calling

Take a look yourself to find out which Christian films are available on Netflix by visiting the Faith and Spirituality listings. There is also a list of Christian films to watch on Netflix there.

False Claim About Netflix

The basis for the false assertion that Netflix has removed Christian films was a satirical piece, according to reliable media outlets.

The satirical piece claims to was published in 2016 but this false claim continues to pop on the internet many years after.

The issue with websites that produce humorous content is that, in certain cases it can be difficult for certain readers to be aware that what they are viewing is in fact fake news.

Satire is generally “a work of art, literature, or entertainment in which the folly and corruption of human beings, institutions, or social structures are exposed, denounced, or ridiculed,” according to Dictionary.com.

Some websites, however, don’t intend to make any significant points making use of humor. Instead, they are trying to confuse the reader in order to make clicks.

These websites must make clear the content that users are reading is intended to be satirical by labeling the articles as the kind of material. Additionally, there should be a description on what content the site produces.

There are many sources online to help users discern fake news, including the ones listed below from NPR.

Additionally, Netflix has continued to introduce new Christian television and film series to its library. For instance, on the 26th of March 2023, Netflix unveiled a fresh film titled “Camp Faith,” which is about the idea of a Christian camp for children that assists a troubled teenager to find redemption and healing. This film is only one of numerous Christian films and shows which are on Netflix.

It is worth noting it is that Netflix is a worldwide streaming service that has viewers from across the globe. They strive to provide a wide range of content to diverse viewers. That means they offer many different movies and television shows which span many genres and genres, including Christian films. Like the other services television shows and movies might be pulled off the service when licenses expire or when new media is introduced.