Increase the performance of your Smart TV in these 5 ways

Smart TVs have transformed the way we consume entertainment. The internet, media, and
streaming features are all now integrated into one smart solution and made accessible to us
right from our couches. However, advanced functionality sometimes comes at a price of
sluggish operation and patchy connections. Explore five simple ways to tackle the most
common issues and elevate your experience using a Smart TV.

Why is it important to keep your Smart TV at optimal

By combining traditional television and the internet, Smart TVs can grant us access to online
content and control over connected devices at home. But as a general rule for all Internet of
Things (IoT) devices, you can only enjoy the benefits of Smart TVs as long as they work

Without occasional maintenance, Smart TVs can become slow and unresponsive—more of a
headache than a tool easing your everyday life. And with more new features and apps
continually added to Smart TVs’ suite, they need more operational power to provide you with the
experience you aim for.

The good news is that with a few simple actions, you can keep your Smart TV performing
optimally at all times. Moreover, you can increase its efficiency and capacity.
Tips for maintaining and increasing the performance of your
Smart TV

To get the best experience when using your Smart TV, consider following these five simple
pieces of advice.

1. Regularly update software and firmware
Software and firmware updates are meant to amend the known system’s security vulnerabilities,
bugs, and glitches. Updates often include new features or enhance the existing ones, allowing
you to enjoy new Smart TV capabilities and functions. By keeping your Smart TV’s software up
to date, you can be sure it will support all the new features and perform without glitches.

2. Use a strong internet connection
A strong internet connection ensures seamless streaming because it minimizes buffering and
reduces loading and downloading times. Streaming services typically adjust video quality based
on your internet speed. This means that a strong internet connection grants you high-definition
content without degradation.

3. Use a VPN for better network performance
A virtual private network (VPN) is a tool that encrypts your online traffic so that no one, even
your internet service provider (ISP), can see what you’re doing online. This becomes extremely
useful if you’re engaged in an activity that uses a lot of bandwidth, for instance, gaming. A VPN
integrated into your Smart TV will hide online traffic from your ISP and prevent it from throttling
your connections, allowing your device to maintain the usual network speeds.
In addition, Apple has recently shared the news that the company is planning to integrate a
native VPN for iOS, which you’ll be able to use on your Apple TV.

4. Declutter apps on your Smart TV
By getting rid of the apps you don’t use, you’ll free your Smart TV’s memory and increase its
storage space for new features. Some apps continue to run or update in the background even
when you don’t use them. Deleting unused apps from your smart devices can significantly
reduce your network usage and improve overall system performance.

5. Occasionally manage your cache
A cache is a temporary storage space for data that will likely need to be retrieved the next time
you use a particular app or feature. This process generally helps to speed up the device’s
operations, making apps launch and work faster. However, if your Smart TV accumulates too
much cache, it can slow down its processes, causing apps to malfunction or crash. It’s
recommended to periodically clear your Smart TV’s cache to maintain it at optimal performance
and prevent all sorts of lags.

To enjoy your Smart TV at its full capacity, consider performing some minor maintenance tasks.
Keeping your software up to date and occasionally decluttering your apps and cache will help
you to enjoy Smart TV’s features without lags or unexpected crashes. However, if you wish to
bring your Smart TV’s capacities to their full potential, make sure to use a strong internet
connection and take advantage of a VPN. This may help to significantly improve your device’s
performance and enjoy high-definition content at all times.