100+ Best How Well Do You Know Me Questions [UPDATE]

Are you looking for a fun way to test your love? Here’s a list of questions that you and your partner could use to start meaningful conversations. Get to know each other in a fun and enjoyable way today!

Communication with your partner is key to a successful and healthy relationship. You will be closer to your partner if you share more of your daily lives. It’s a part of the process to ask “how well do I know you questions” every now and again.

These questions can also be used to determine if your relationship has a long-term, steady foundation or if you are more committed than you think.

It’s possible to find out if they are as attentive as you would like and if you enjoy sharing your life with them as much as they do with you.

Even if you have been in a relationship for several years, it is always a good idea do a “refresher” course every now and again.

You should always consider the outcome of a conversation as a positive. Awesome!

This means that you are very connected and that your relationship is strong and beautiful. If you don’t feel connected, that’s okay. Identifying areas for improvement, and then working together towards a common goal.

How well do you know me?

Everyone likes to believe that they know their partner like no one else in the world. It can sometimes be true, but we are always evolving as individuals.

Learning new skills and acquiring new tastes. We are constantly learning and enhancing our self-development.

It is important to set aside at least 10 minutes per day for meaningful conversations in order to keep in touch with your partner’s emotional and logical sides.

If you don’t know the answers or your partner doesn’t, don’t take it too seriously. It is hard to remember so many things in your busy life.

Learning new information and knowledge requires that it be stored somewhere in your brain. Sometimes, this “storage space” overlaps with other bits and pieces.

Make sure your relationship is a top priority. You are all together because of the love, admiration, and respect you have for each other.

These are basic conversation starters that will help you get to know each other better:

  1. What is my middle name/nickname
  2. What are my worst fears and what can I do about them?
  3. Which food is your favorite?
  4. Which is your most memorable memory from childhood?
  5. When is my birthday? If they are struggling, you can choose the month.
  6. What is it that makes me most self-conscious? What is it about this that I am most self-conscious?
  7. What can I eat that I won’t eat?
  8. Which foods are I unable to eat but will eat if I feel hungry?
  9. Which TV show or actor is your favorite?
  10. What are my most specific interests? What is my biggest pet peeve
  11. What can I do to feel better when I feel down?
  12. Do you still have a memory of your first date? Do you remember our first date?
  13. Which animal is your favorite?
  14. Which are your favorite colors?
  15. What would you choose if I could have any pet anywhere in the world?
  16. Which country would you choose to visit now, out of all the countries in the world?
  17. Do I prefer to be more long-term-oriented or do I prefer to live in the “here now”?
  18. Do I consider my career valuable or just a source of income for my passions?
  19. What is the most admirable thing about you?
  20. What are the 3 things you want to improve about yourself?
  21. Which music is your favorite? What about my favorite singer, musician, or band?
  22. Do I like art (paintings, sculptures, photo exhibits etc)?
  23. What do you think I’m really proficient at?
  24. Do I think positively about myself?
  25. What is the one talent that I didn’t choose to pursue?
  26. What is the name of my parents?
  27. What are your best friends? How long have you known them? What is it that I love about them?
  28. Which scent would you love to wear?
  29. What is my favorite thing to do in my spare time?
  30. Do I enjoy talking to my parents?
  31. Do you prefer dogs or cats? Which one do you prefer?
  32. Are there any medical conditions I need to be monitored?
  33. Would you choose to be famous, if you could?
  34. What is one thing I don’t want anyone to know about my life?
  35. Do I believe I am a proud person?
  36. Do I have to admit my mistakes?
  37. Do I have the ability to keep a secret?
  38. Did I ever get arrested or held by the police?
  39. Which do you dislike the most? What do you dislike more? Doing the dishes or cleaning up the house?
  40. Which do you prefer: cooking, ordering or eating out?
  41. Which person do I get along better with? Is it my mom or my father?
  42. What are my top 3 bucket-list items?
  43. Are large family gatherings something you enjoy?
  44. Was it fun going to high school?
  45. What is my role in my circle of friends? What do they think of me?
  46. Are you sure I can sing?
  47. Which author or book is your favorite?
  48. Do I play any video games? Do you have a favorite?
  49. What is one thing I want to change about myself?
  50. What do you think I should say about my friendship with my friends?
  • What color are my eyes, without looking?
  • Where is my exact street address?
  • What is my cultural heritage? From where/from what are my cultural heritage?
  • What does the ideal day look like for you?
  • What is my favorite name? It is what?
  • What is the profession of my sibling?
  • Do you consider yourself addicted to anything?
  • Is there one thing you love most about yourself?
  • How many languages do I speak?
  • Are you a morning person, or night owl?
  • What do you prefer: Texting or calling?
  • Have I ever been to camp with friends or school colleagues?
  • Do you have a favorite restaurant or a favorite place?
  • What is the one thing you can’t live with?
  • Who do I look up to? Do I have a role-model?
  • How many boyfriends/girlfriends did I have?
  • Do you remember being embarrassed enough to stop saying anything?
  • Are there any rituals that I feel I need to do?
  • Are children my favorite thing?
  • Do I need a driver’s licence? Do I need one if I don’t have one?

What Do You Know About Me? Questions for Couples

Inquisitiveness can help you to be curious about the knowledge of your SO in all aspects of your life. Don’t leave any stone unturned, no matter what your career goals are. These are just a few suggestions.

Questions about employment

    1. How do I get along with my coworkers at work?
    2. What should I think of my boss?
    3. Are I happy with what I do or do I hate it completely?
    4. What is the one thing that I love about my job?
    5. Would you be open to changing your workplace? What are you waiting for?
    6. Are you open to the idea of turning your job into an entrepreneur career?
    7. What is my dream job?
    8. Do I work on any other projects than my job?
    9. Would you be open to contract work?
    10. Are you sure that I would like to be promoted to middle/upper-management?
    11. What would you do in your job?
    12. Do I get to know my peers personally? Are I willing to?
    13. Do you ever think about quitting?
    14. What are some of the things I am proudest about in my job?
    15. Are there any goals I have for my job in the next year?
    16. Passion or money? What made me choose my job?
    17. Which do you value most? What do you value more? More money or less work/more time?

Lifestyle Questions

    1. Are you ready to have children?
    2. Are you willing to live together in the future, or separately?
    3. Do I like having other people in my private space?
    4. What number of friends do you think I have?
    5. What do you think about people who live differently than me?
    6. Are you an active person, or a couch potato.
    7. How do I take care of my health?
    8. What can I do to respond to unsolicited advice
    9. What would I find most annoying?
    10. Do you find it easy to be angry for a prolonged time?
    11. Do I enjoy solitude?
    12. Are you sure I have high expectations? What would they be?
    13. How many hours do I get sleep?
    14. What is my favorite free activity?
    15. Do I like where I am right now?
    16. What if I wanted to move to another country?
    17. Do you want to learn more languages?
    18. Are you a judgy person like me?
    19. If I have the choice, will I walk, take a taxi, or take the bus?
    20. What would you choose? A smaller apartment that has everything I need but is in poor condition, or a large mansion with many garages, big TVs, and my own butler?
    21. What about alcohol and smoking?
    22. Which beverage would you choose? Sodas, coffee and tea.
    23. Do you like to laugh at grim situations?

Questions about Interests

    1. Am I into pop culture?
    2. Which universes do you prefer: sci-fi or fantasy?
    3. Where is my Harry Potter house located?
    4. Do I play any sports? Can I watch any sports?
    5. Would you choose Lord of the Rings over Star Wars if you could only pick one?
    6. Do I have an interest in fashion?
    7. Are you a fan of academic journals?
    8. Are I more geeky or nerdy?
    9. How can I stay up-to-date with the latest world news?
    10. Do you collect stamps, pressed leaves or figurines?
    11. Do I believe in zodiac signs?
    12. Do I want to learn new skills or am I already an expert?
    13. Are you a travel enthusiast? Where should I go?
    14. Do you have a country that you think is great?
    15. Do I enjoy reading about historical events?
    16. Do I prefer to think or take the world as it is?
    17. What do I choose? Escapism or real-world activities?
    18. Do you think I look like any of your favorite characters?
    19. If given the opportunity, would I be willing to move to a fantasy world?
    20. Are any historical periods particularly fascinating to you?
    21. Did I ever feel like an outcast for my interests?
    22. What is one of my passions I will admit to being strange?

Family Questions

    1. Are there any values I have that I inherited from my family?
    2. Are there large families? Are they in constant contact?
    3. Which side do I prefer?
    4. Is my family able to gather around one large dinner table during holidays?
    5. Does my family give each other Christmas gifts?
    6. Which religion are my parents?
    7. Did my family teach me that certain things are intrinsically “good” or “bad?”
    8. Are you ready to have children?
    9. What core value would I have for raising children if we had them?
    10. What is your biggest wish for your children?
    11. Are you sure that I want my children to follow the same path as me in life?
    12. Which is the most precious moment of family time that we have shared?

Friends Questions

    1. What number of true friends do you think I have?
    2. Are my friends worth more to me than me?
    3. Do you remember helping your friends with money?
    4. If I had to borrow money from my friends, would I ask them?
    5. What about me? Do I use social media to see what my friends are up to?
    6. Do you try to keep in touch with your friends as often as possible?
    7. What is the average time I spend with my friends each month?
    8. What do you think of my friend?
    9. Are my friends happy with our relationship?
    10. Are my friends the best people to rely on?
    11. How did I find my best friend? Are we good friends?
    12. If they asked, would I give anything to help my best friend?
    13. What are my closest friends most proud of about me?
    14. What is the most important thing about a friend?

Relationship questions

    1. What is one thing you would like to see us do every day?
    2. Are you sure I feel ever neglected in our relationship?
    3. Which is more important? Are you looking for meaningful or expensive gifts?
    4. Would you be willing to pay just my cash for some of our dates
    5. Which country would you like us to visit?
    6. Which one do you dislike? Which one do you prefer?
    7. What should I think about my family and friends?
    8. Are you sure that I would like to spend more time with you?
    9. What is the greatest surprise you have ever given me?
    10. Are there any activities you’d rather do as a couple or alone?

Politics Questions

    1. What are my political beliefs? Are you right or left-wing?
    2. Do I think I would ever want to join the military?
    3. Are I respectful of local and national authorities
    4. Am I a law-abiding citizen?
    5. What if I were to run for office? It could be at the local, state or federal level.
    6. Are you sure the government is correctly using your tax money?
    7. Do you think I would do a better job than the government?
    8. What are your views on political revolutions in the United States?
    9. What are your views on racial and sexual discrimination?
    10. What are my thoughts on equality?
    11. Would I be willing to share my political opinions with anyone, even if they ridiculed me?
    12. Are my political views ever a danger to me?
    13. What is my general opinion on politics and politicians?

Random and Funny Questions

    1. Which do you prefer: milk or cereal?
    2. Is pineapple on pizza acceptable in my view?
    3. Would I choose the bag of chips or the chocolate bar if I had to make a choice?
    4. What fictional character makes you think of me?
    5. What is my spirit animal?
    6. What is the maximum time I can spend on my studies or work without becoming distracted?
    7. Which bubble gum flavor do you miss most from your childhood?
    8. What makes me smile instantly?
    9. Are you a curser?
    10. Do you have any experience with learning a musical instrument?
    11. What juice would you mix alcohol in to conceal it?
    12. What is the longest time I can think I would survive in the wilds for?
    13. Do I have ever dared to kiss someone?
    14. Who was my biggest or first fictional crush?

Other How well do you know me?

But we’re not finished yet! These are the final questions that you can ask your partner to see how much they know about you.

    • Are you a cook?
    • Do I want to go back to high school with my classmates?
    • If you were ill, would you be able to trust me to take care of your needs?
    • Who is my favorite famous person?
    • What are my thoughts on open relationships?
    • Who was my crush in high school?
    • Which season do you prefer?
    • What were my strengths in school?
    • Is there a mystery in my family that remains unsolved
    • What was the best time to move out of my home?
    • Do I feel fulfilled with my current life?
    • Which person in my life is the most annoying?
    • Would you rather be rich and stupid or poor and intelligent?
    • What are my total number of countries I have visited?
    • What are my thoughts on social media?
    • Can I trust people generally?
    • Am I an honest person?