Activate Device in Two Simple Steps [UPDATE]

To activate your device, follow the instructions given by the manufacturer. You may need to install a battery or a SIM card.

To activate your device, call 1-800766-9811

You must have your PIN and the phone number that you are activating. If you don’t know your PIN, a customer representative can provide it to you when asked

Your wireless device will not be activated unless you call UScellular using a different phone than the one you purchased. Our automated service will activate your device quickly. A customer service representative can also be reached to answer any questions or provide assistance with activation. Activate:-

It’s easy. To access your “My Account”, click on Log in/Register from our homepage. Make sure you have your UScellular PIN, personal email address, and connected device.

Your PIN was the number that you selected when you activated your UScellular service. The PIN can be used to verify your account online, by phone, or in-store. Forgot your PIN? Please visit the nearest retail location and present a photo ID issued by the government.

Online accounts can be created at any UScellular Store. To find the nearest store, visit

1) You can activate a US Cellular data plan for your device.

2) Continue with your device.

2) Go to the Home screen.

Scroll to the right.

5) Choose device.

6) Scroll down.

7) Choose Cellular.

8) Choose Set Up Cellular.

9) Select Phone number, and enter your number.

10) Select PIN and enter your PIN code.

11) Choose Login & Proceed.

12) Continue

13) Optional: Click the link to view the terms and conditions.

14) Select Accept and Continue

15) Choose Sign up.

16) Choose OK.

17) You have activated your U.S. Cellular Plan.

18) Return to Home screen

What can I do to avoid exceeding my data limit?

  • When Wi-Fi is available, connect to it. UScellular offers several tools to manage data and avoid overages.
  • Data Overage Protection — You’ll be notified via text or voice when your data plan limit has been reached at 75% and 100%.
  • Data Usage Controls: Allocate and manage data usage limitations for each device.
  • Device apps – You can use the on-device tools to prevent excess data usage. Many devices come with data usage utilities (or apps), which can set thresholds and alarms to prevent overage.
  • To find the best plan for you, use our Data Estimator Tool
  • Register for My Account if you don’t have one. Online, you can see how much data has been used and how much remains for the current billing cycle.

How can I send and receive messages from my Apple Watch?

Both your iPhone and Apple Watch must be signed in with the same Apple ID. Go to Settings on iPhone. From there, you can sign into iCloud. Sign in to your Apple ID on your Apple Watch when you pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone. If you skip this step during setup, sign in to your Apple ID from the Apple Watch App on iPhone under General > Apple ID.

Your iPhone must be connected to a cellular network, signed in to iMessage and turned on to send and receive SMS over cellular to Apple Watch.

How can I get started in Family Setup?

You will need an iPhone 6s and an Apple Watch Series 4 cellular model to add family members to Family Setup. Also, you will need to update iPhone and Apple Watch to iOS 14 as well as watchOS 7. After you’ve completed these steps you can launch Watch app on iPhone and choose Setup for Family Member to pair the watch. Then you can activate the watch on-screen.

You can associate the watch to one family member in Family Sharing. You can manage certain features of your watch once you have set it up for a family member.


Have you just received your device from UScellular?

To activate your device, call UScellular(r), 1-800-766-9811

To activate your account for business and government customers, please dial 1-866-616 5591

To activate your device, make sure you follow all instructions. These instructions may include the installation of a battery or a SIM card.

Have you just received a replacement device under warranty? To activate your device and update your account, call 1-888-455-8058