Activate on Roku, Fire TV, XBOX Online 2022

Watch TCM is an TV Everywhere (TVE) program which allows you to watch live and on-demand films as well as live broadcasts from TCM. Access this content via and install and install the Watch TCM app on your smartphone and streaming device. Log in using the credentials of your TV provider.

To access the content at or the TCM App, you’ll need to login using your credentials from your TV provider. Turner Classic Movies must be included in any current or future cable satellite package.

If you do not currently have a TCM subscription TCM through your provider of TV we suggest calling TCM directly through your provider.

How to activate TCM Channel on Roku

  • If you own a Roku at home and would like to turn on TCM to your Roku then follow these steps:
  • Turn to the Roku device and navigate directly to your Roku Home screen.
  • Next, visit the channels store. In the bar of search type in TCM and press enter.
  • After that, click on “TCM” option, then click”TCM”, and click the “Add Channel” tab. This TCM Channel will currently be stored on the home screen of your Roku.
  • Then, launch The TCM Channel to your Roku Then, you’ll receive an activation code on the screen. Make sure you not forget it.
  • Use your mobile phone or other device, and go to to obtain the verification code to your mobile phone or your email address which is the most suitable for you.
  • Then, to connect to the TCM to access the TCM, you’ll need first “Sign In” via Roku, and enter the code you saw on the screen earlier At that point, you can sign in to the TCM account.

How to activate TCM Channel for Amazon Fire TV by visiting

  • The steps for activating TCM to Amazon Fire TV via are listed below. You are free to go through the steps.
  • Then, you need to open the app on your Fire TV and download the TCM application to it.
  • After that, you can launch the application on your device and then navigate into the setting.
  • Then, locate TCM and choose the device that you wish to activate it on.
  • After that, you can click “Connect” to begin streaming TCM on your device. TCM TV subscription from Your Amazon device.
  • These steps also apply to Amazon Fire Stick.

How do I activate TCM Channel for Apple TV

  • The first step is to turn on with your Apple TV, and go to the Apple App Store.
  • Then search for TCM then download and install the application onto the Apple TV.
  • After you launch the app, log in with Your TCM Application, you will be able to see the activation code displayed on the screen of your TV, as well as the guidelines to activate.
  • Once you have your activation code, you can open on your mobile device or desktop.
  • Then, on the next page, enter the activation number in the provided field. Then, click Continue. Then follow the instructions.
  • After activation is completed Once the activation is completed, utilize the mobile phone number you have to finish your TCM application.

TCM Channel activate on PS4

  • To enable the TCM application to your PS4 you must follow the following steps:
  • Then, head to first your PS4 home screen, then TV and select the video options.
  • If you do not have TCM on your device. Go to the Playstation store and download the TCM App from there.
  • Select your TV provider from the drop-down menu and then you’ll get your activation number.
  • Go to via your mobile and then enter the activation code in the provided fields.

You can activate TCM Channel on Xbox

  • These are steps you need to follow to enable TCM on your Xbox: TCM in your Xbox:
  • Start your Xbox and search for TCM and then download the app to your device.
  • Then go into the Xbox menu and then click on”Activate Channel” “Activate Channel”.
  • Choose your provider in the drop-down menu then you’ll be given your activation number.
  • Go to via your mobile and then enter the activation code on the provided fields.

There are two live broadcasts through Watch TCM. There is a West Coast feed that follows the PST schedule, and one East Coast feed that follows the EST schedule. You can connect to either feed live, regardless of the location you are.

Films are usually available for 30 days following the time the time they are shown on TCM. In the majority of cases, films are available on Watch TCM approximately 3 hours after airing at the time they air on TCM. It may take longer than that.

The majority of the films that are shown in TCM will be shown on Watch TCM. However because of licensing issues, some films might not appear on Watch TCM. Shorts shown via the TCM network are accessible via Watch TCM as well as hosted introductions to films.