Activate Sam’s Club Credit Card 2022

Start using start using your Sam’s Club Credit Card* as soon as you can. Log in on the internet to control your account online and view the benefits you accrue.

Cash Rewards Overview

1. Cash Rewards are one of the benefits that comes with Sam’s Plus membership. Sam’s Plus membership; Get the benefit of 2% cash back on eligible purchases, and up to $500 per year in rewards

2. You earn Cash Rewards awarded annually and added directly to your membership card. This happens about two months before the date of renewal.

Members cease accruing towards their current, in-progress payout 30 days before the date of the payout. The purchases made during the 30-day period are credited towards the following payment

3. Accruals throughout the year are considered to be in the process of being deemed pending. Cash Rewards that are loaded can be used.

4. Both the Complementary and Primary cardholder’s purchases count towards year-end earnings.

5. Primary and Complementary cardholders are able to see their status, accumulate, and cash rewards.

6. Cash Rewards may be used to online purchases, at any of our clubs, or on our mobile app. You can exchange the rewards for cash at a cash register.

7. Members may also “Cash out” at a bank or save their rewards to let them “Roll over”.

8. Refunds on eligible purchases are excluded from calculation.

9. Cash Rewards are not expiring However you can only store up to $2,000 in Cash Rewards are available in your account at any one time.

10. Cash rewards will continue to accrue as they’re employed.

How to activate Sam’s Club Credit Card

* To begin, open a web browser and navigate to on your desktop or laptop computer.

* To move on to the next page, simply click “Register now” in the page’s Login button.

This page requests details such as the Sam’s Club Credit Card number the 16-digit number that is located in you Sam’s Club Credit Card. It is necessary to enter this number.

When you’ve hit the ‘Submit button, you’ll get a fresh link.

After that, as indicated on the credit card’s statement of account then enter your ZIP Code in the provided box.

Once you’re done you can click on ‘Continue.’

* If you have a valid reason, you have to submit an online application form in a brief format.

* Information such as names, emails and phone number should be typed in a certain form here.

Enter the card’s Username and ‘Password’ then click the ‘Agree’ tab . You must accept all these terms and conditions in the agreement.

Click on the submit button to complete the submission procedure.