Activate Prepaid Gift Balance Card

PrepaidGiftBalance, a website, allows holders of prepaid gift cards to examine the balance remaining on their card using an online interface. Just logging into the portal will give you with the tools needed to manage and monitor your account.

It is essential for the customer to be aware that once they’ve acquired control of their credit card, they need to be able to activate it before they can start making use of it. If this isn’t the case, then the card cannot proceed in making payments.

How can I activate my the Prepaid Gift Balance Card

* Visit the PrepaidGiftBalance website at to learn more about the company.

  • To use this service, first sign up by filling in the details required within the “New User” section located on the right-hand side of this page.
  • * A 16-digit code will appear on the card to be used as a information. This number will be required to set up your account running.
  • Once you’ve made your first payment using the card, you’ll be able see the amount of money left remaining on the account.
  • It is important to mention that the card is only able to be utilized only on US land, and the amount that is spent can’t exceed the amount that is already in the balance of the card.

This is a step-by step guide for logging into your account online

  • To log in into PrepaidGiftBalance, one must sign in to the PrepaidGiftBalance portal, one has to follow the steps below:
  • * In order to use the online PrepaidGiftBalance portal users must be connected to the internet on their personal computer to be able to use the portal.
  • * To access the website, the user must navigate to “” in their browser.
  • When you first access the website You will notice an area for login on the right-hand side of the screen.
  • * If you’re an initial user then you need to fill in the details in the “New User” tab. The official PrepaidGiftBalance website will be activated in the wake of this procedure.
  • * The card’s number, expiration date, as well as the PIN will be the information required. Additionally you will also be asked to answer the captcha the system will ask you to fill in order to authenticate the person who uses the system.
  • When you’ve completed the sign-up process and enrolled into the online portal after filling in all of the required details, you’re in the right place to take following step.

* Following your registration, navigate to the login page.

  • * To sign-in you need to enter the 16-digit card number , along with the password sent to you via email.
  • Once you’ve signed on to the website you’ll be able to see the balance remaining on your account and the transactions history that is associated to it.

Accessing your online account to verify your PrepaidGiftBalance Balance and other information is a simple procedure, as shown in the previous paragraph. Follow the step-by step procedure as described above is all required by you. Therefore, let’s move to digital and remain safe this time. Switching your payment method by switching from money to smartcards can provide you with an amazing shopping experience!