Go Activate Card Myspendwell Online

Consumers who bought or received the Myspendwell Visa card in the mail prior to using it must go through the steps for activation. The steps for activating your card are straightforward and require users to go to Myspendwell’s website. Myspendwell website to sign up their card and log in. After you log in, your account will become active.

How to activate Your Spendwell Card

If you bought your card at an Dollar General store follow these steps:

  • Visit activate card
  • Click on the Get Started button
  • Hit the black Register button on your card

Prior to setting up an account, you need to at least three things:

    • You must be at the age of 18
    • You must provide an identification number for your social security
    • Use an email address that is valid

If you meet the criteria, you must press the black Next button.

    • Enter the card number and CVV for your card.
    • Enter your personal details
    • Check your details before making your submission

After you’ve completed the steps mentioned above, your account will be up and running by visiting activate your card. Next step, you must log in to your account, so that the funds are transferred to this account for the duration of time. The card will be activated once you have successfully logged into your account.

How do I log in to MySpendwell

Logging into the account of your Spendwell account is a simple procedure, simply follow these steps:

    • Visit activate card
    • Enter your username
    • Enter your password
    • Click the Login button that is black.

How to Apply for the Spendwell Credit Card

If you’re a new user of the website and want to know how you can obtain your personal Spendwell card, here are some ways to look at:

  • Find a bargain from your neighborhood Dollar General store
  • Directly open by visiting

After you have created an account online, you will receive a personalised debit card via mail at the address that you gave us.

Spendwell Cards Offerred

Spendwell Credit Back Bank Account

Spendwell Visa Debit Card

Spendwell Visa Debit Card Highlights

1.1% cash back indefinitely

Card is accepted everywhere that accepts Visa cards.

Balance check online by text or phone service

Create alerts

Contact Customer Services

Contact us at 1-833-609-8472.

Call the International number 1-470-823-0574

What exactly is the digital debit card?

It’s easy to get started with Your Spendwell Bank Account as soon as you sign up! After successful registration and email verification, a virtual debit card can be available for online purchases as you wait for your personal Spendwelldebit card to be delivered by mail.

After you have added money to the Spendwell account, you can log into your online account via for access to your credit card’s number and CVV codes, and expiration date. You can use it to make online purchases as well as purchase in-store once you’ve added your spendingwell credit card temporarily to your virtual wallet.

How do I make use of the virtual debit card?

You’ll need to add funds to your account before you can utilize your virtual debit card. Once you’ve added funds your account, you are able to utilize your virtual temporary debit card to purchase online and purchases in stores when you add it to your digital wallet . This will continue until the time that your personal spendingwell debit card is delivered.

Log in to the account at Spendwell account to view an online temporary number CVV code, the number of CVVs and expiration date. Don’t make use of your temporary debit card number to make regular transactions such as subscriptions or memberships because it will be removed when you activate your personal account with a Spendwell debit card.

How will I use my digital debit card after I’ve activated my personal spendingwelldebit card?

Find your personal Spendwell debit card to arrive via mail within 7-10 business days following the date you have completed your registration. When you activate your personal debit card, your temporarily debit card is removed and you will be able to access funds that are in Your spending account using the new debit card that is personalized to you.

What is the best way to check my available balance as well as my transactions history?

Review the balance of your Spendwell Balance or view your transaction history anytime you want using these options:

  • Log into your account online, or via your Paywell Mobile Application*, and select the Main Account you have chosen.
  • Send a text message “BAL” in 62029 to find your balance that is available if are signed up for text alert notifications.
  • SMS “HIST” at 62029 to receive the five most recent transactions from your history of transactions If you’re enrolled in SMS alerts
  • Contact us toll free at 1-833-609-872.

In your online transaction history or on The Mobile App, Active Transactions are those that remain waiting to be completed, but have not yet been settled. When you click or tap ‘View all transactions’ will allow you to view Completed Transactions and Active Transactions that are waiting to be settled. Be aware that the history of transactions provided via text message or an automated telephone system only includes completed Transactions and not active Transactions.

Please visit your My Account section for information on how to create text alerts.

*Messaging and data rates could be applicable.

How can I verify the balance of my Spendwell card that I have gotten for a temporary purchase?

You can see the balance on the temporary Spendwell card that you bought through Dollar General here. After you’ve registered to receive a personalized Spendwell account, you’ll transfer the balance remaining onto Your Spendwell account. You’ll be able to continue using your existing Spendwell card until the time you get and activate your Spendwell personalized card.

What do I need to know about my statement for the month?

You can view your most recent statements by logging in to the Spendwell account. Choose your Main Account to view the most recent statements on the right of your screen. You will also be provided with an email with a link to view your latest monthly statement in an email. Click the link inside the email to sign in to your account and review your account statement. To review your previous statements, sign in to Your Spendwell account. Select the Main Account and select or tap “View all statements. There you will see every monthly statement from the past 24 months. Select the desired time period to view or save or print the PDF file of the statement.