Activate the MyCigna Card

You will need to enter a primary email address when you first register on the myCigna app or website. Cigna can better protect your myCigna account information by having an email address. We can send you automatic alerts when your password or email address changes. If you have any questions about your myCigna password or user ID, your email address can be used.

Online access to information can be obtained by anyone who is enrolled in or participating in a Cigna program. Register online for spouses, partners, or dependents who are covered under another family member’s policy.

What information is required to register?

Here are the steps to register.

I am the subscriber: (the one who signed up for this plan.

Choose one of these:

  • Your Social Security Number
  • Your Cigna ID number (or Cigna-HealthSpringID) can be used.

I’m dependent: (a spouse, child, or domestic partner who is covered by the subscriber’s plan

Choose one of these:

  • Your Cigna ID number, and the subscriber’s home ZIP code.
  • Your Cigna HealthSpring ID.
  • Or the subscriber’s Social Security Number (or home ZIP code).

*No registration is possible for customers under 13 years old (or their parent/guardian). Activate

Steps to activate your MyCigna account

  1. Visit the page
  2. Enter your first name.
  3. Enter your last name.Next
  4. Next, enter your birth date
  5. Enter your home ZIP code now.
  6. Enter the correct option below.

I’m the Subscriber on a non-Medicare/Medicaid plan

– The person who signed up through your employer, on your own or through a health exchange.

I’m a Dependent on a non-Medicare/Medicaid plan

– The subscriber’s child, spouse, or domestic partner is covered by the plan.

I’m a Cigna Medicare Customer

I’m a Medicaid Customer

I would like to sign up for the Employee Assistance Program ONLY

  1. Enter your Identity information such as Social Security number or Cigna ID number
  2. Enter the rest of your details and click Register.
  3. Your account will be activated.


These five easy steps will help you achieve success.

Step 1: Activate your myCigna(r). Account

Keep track of your health and expenses with the myCigna and the myCigna (r)App.

You can use your myCigna account to:

  • Care and doctors in your network
  • Check out the estimated cost of doctor’s visits.
  • Compare hospitals and doctors
  • Print a temporary identification card. A permanent card will be mailed.
  • Get help in finding low-cost medication with the Price a Medication tool.
  • Take a look at your Explanation Of Benefits (EOB).

Step 2: Sign up for the Take Control Rewards Program, and take your health survey

Be rewarded for being healthier in 2022 with Take Control Rewards.

Earn up to $275 in points which can be used to purchase a Reloadable Rewards Card* or merchandise such as sporting goods and entertainment. To start earning points, you need to complete simple tasks.

To get started:

  1. Log in to your MyCigna Account
  2. Click on the Wellness homepage and choose “Start earning rewards”
  3. Complete the two-minute Take Control Rewards SM Health Assessment survey
  4. Earn points by doing simple things like getting your $0 annual exam** or watching informative videos about health.
  5. Redeem your reward points to purchase funds on a Reloadable Rewards Card. This card can make it easier for you to pay for health care, or you can also choose from merchandise and gifts.

Step 3: Search for In-Network Care Options

Save by staying in-network.

Surprise bills are not something anyone likes. It’s important to stay in-network when you need care. Log in to and you’ll find a variety of primary care providers, urgent care centers, hospitals, and many other services.

It is always best to begin with your PCP. You have other in-network options if your PCP isn’t available.

  • Health Information Line (SM) Talk to a nurse practitioner at no cost. They can help you decide whether you should visit your doctor, see an urgent care center, or visit another facility.
  • 24/7 Virtual Care: Talk to a licensed therapist or board-certified physician by phone or video chat any time of the day or night. Schedule an appointment in just minutes. *
  • Convenience clinic: They can be found in grocery stores and pharmacies ($).
  • Urgent Care Center: If you don’t have a life-threatening condition, you can visit a doctor to treat a sore throat or minor burns.
  • Emergency Room: The ER is for critical illness or injury. You are covered either in-network (or out-of-network).

Step 4: Create a virtual care profile

Get connected with a doctor at your convenience.

  • Access care anywhere you are via video or phone at
  • You can get medical virtual assistance* 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on holidays.
  • Get connected with board-certified pediatricians and doctors, as well as licensed counsellors and psychiatrists.
  • If necessary, have a prescription sent directly from your pharmacy.

Step 5: Change Communication Preferences

Get rid of clutter and have more peace of head.

Paperless will allow you to store all of your Explanations of benefits (EOBs), and other documents related to your health plan in one secure location.

  • The majority of communications will be sent to the email address you have on file.
  • When documents related to health plans are uploaded to your Account, you will receive notification.
  • Access your account easily 24/7.

How to file a claim

It is simple to file a claim. These instructions will help you file a claim for medical, dental, mental, and supplemental healthcare benefits.

  • Print and download the Claim Form
  • Send your completed claim forms to appropriate offices.
  • The type of claim will determine the details and claim forms.

Request an ID card

Cigna ID cards are available for you to use in your pharmacy, medical, and dental plans.

Before you go to your next appointment, request a replacement Cigna ID card if you have lost your Cigna card. You can find the links and information below to obtain the replacement cards that you require.

For a Medical ID Card, Request one

Visit the myCigna website to request a medical identification card for yourself or another person covered under your health plan. Register for an account at myCigna to request an ID card.

Request a dental ID card

Visit the myCigna website to request a replacement card or print a temporary identification card. While an ID card is not necessary to be covered for dental care, it will help your dentist verify your coverage and file a claim.