Activate on Roku, AppleTV, Fire TV Online 2022

HGTV is available to approximately 96,000,000 households in the United States. It beat CNN to be the 3 rd top-rated cable channel in 2016, just behind Fox News, ESPN, and Fox News. This staggering number speaks volumes of the channel’s huge popularity.

Those looking for the correct steps to stream the best HGTV shows should read through the blog and be equipped with the steps to activate HGTV on different streaming devices using the official page.

Activate HGTV on Roku using

Before you proceed to the steps to activate HGTV in your Roku device you must have an activated Roku Account, Roku User ID and Password, as well as a high speed internet connection. These items will be required before you can proceed with the steps below.

  • Connect your Roku device with the Wi Fi.
  • Your user ID and password will be used to log in to your Roku Account.
  • Next, locate the HGTV application by going to the channel store.
  • The results will appear on your screen if you enter the keyword HGTV.
  • Add the channel and launch it to the Roku Channel List
  • You will receive an activation code that must be kept safe.
  • Now open the browser on either your smartphone, or your computer.
  • Navigate to where you will be prompted to enter the activation code that you had already noted down.
  • Click ” CHAT” to enter the code.

Note In order to activate, your device as well as your computer need to be connected to an internet connection.

Activate HGTV on Apple TV using

What are the credentials required to activate HGTV with your Apple TV An Apple TV with a high-speed wireless network, iTunes username/password, and login ID/password for your cable or service provider are required. You can then review the steps below, once you have them.

  • Start the process by turning on your Apple TV.
  • Go to the Apple App Store, and search for the Home & Garden Television App in the channel store.
  • Continue with the download once you find it. The download may prompt you for your iTunes username and password.
  • To activate the HGTV application, enter the username/password of your cable provider.

Activate HGTV on Amazon Fire TV Stick at

Amazon Fire TV Stick users will also be able to stream popular shows of Home & Garden Television. The steps are:

  • Make sure that your Amazon Fire TV Stick device and high-speed Wi Fi are turned on.
  • Visit the Amazon Store to get the HGTV application.
  • Finish the download and launch the app.
  • This will display the activation code.
  • Note it and start your browser.
  • Type in or
  • If you are prompted for an activation code, enter it and click on the ” ” button.
  • You will see the “Congratulations!” message.

Activate HGTV on Samsung Smart TV at

HGTV content may be streamed via Samsung Smart TV. The following steps will help you activate HGTV in Samsung Smart TV.

  • Turn on the Samsung Smart TV. Go to the channelstore to search for HGTV apps.
  • After finding the channel, add the channel channel to the channel listing and launch it.
  • The screen will display a unique activation number. For future use, keep it close to your heart.
  • On your computer or smartphone, open your favorite web browser and navigate to
  • When prompted, enter the activation number you’ve already written down.
  • Enter the activation number in the required area.

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