Activate on Roku, Apple, FireTV

Activate Criterion Channel at on Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV also know steps by steps process of Criterion Channel activation

Criterion Channel is a popular streaming service that offers a diverse mix of classic and contemporary films from Hollywood, as well as some rare titles not found on other platforms.

you can easily access the Criterion Channel on Apple TV, Amazon Fire, or Roku but first downloading the app on your streaming device, and then activating it at the page. for Amazon Fire TV

  1. Navigate to the screen on your Amazon Fire TV. Select the Apps option in the top menu.
  2. Once you have reached the Apps section you will need to search for the Criterion channel. You can either browse the section or use the Search option.
  3. After you have found the app, go to the preview page and install it. Go to home.
  4. To activate the code, you will need to open the Criterion channelapp.

NOTE : To get your activation code, you might need to sign in to the application.

  1. Once you have the activation code, launch a web browser on your computer and navigate to the Criterion Channel using the URL –
  2. Sign in to the prompt window to activate the page. Next, enter the activation code. Once you have confirmed the code, you can close the activation page.

Activate Criterion Channel on for Apple TV

  1. Go to the App store of your Apple TV to find Criterion Channel.
  2. Once you have completed installing the app, navigate to your home screen and open Criterion Channel.
  3. code will appear as you launch the app. You may be asked to sign in to the application if prompted.
  4. Open Criterion Channel activation page using the URL –
  5. Sign in to the activate page and enter the activation code. Once you confirm the code, the channel will now be available on your Apple TV.

Activate Criterion Channel on for Roku

  1. Turn on Roku and navigate to the home screen using the button.
  2. Scroll down and you will find the Streaming Channels Section. Next, select the Roku Channel Store
  3. To install the Roku Channel Store app, you’ll need to locate the Criterion Channel app.
  4. To install the app, click the Channel button once you have landed on the preview page.
  5. After that go to the home screen and click on the  Criterion Channel. An activation code, as well as the activation instructions, will appear on your screen.
  6. go to the Criterion Channel activation page using the URL –
  7. Next, go to the activation page and sign in using your login credentials. Then enter the activation code. Once you confirm the activation code, Criterion Channel will be available on Roku.

Just follow to activate the Criterion Channel on the page for different streaming devices.


Can I use the same login account for both Netflix and The Criterion Channel?

No, you must create a separate account for The Criterion Channel. It’s okay if your Netflix and Criterion Channel accounts use the same email address, they are separate. “Can’t I just log into Netflix with my C* login?” No, you cannot.

If your Roku is connected to the internet wirelessly, you can put anything in for your password on this page: To be safe, clear your cookies after you do this and log in with the account you want to use for The Criterion Channel.

Can I buy a Roku box and access The Criterion Channel without having any discs?

Yes, but it’s more expensive than if you already own a few discs:

Can I activate The Criterion Channel with just one disc?

If you have a single-disc title, follow the steps on this page: . Activate it using the “Activate Disc” option.

If you have a multi-disc title, follow the steps on this page: . Activate it using “Activate Set” and enter your disc numbers (1 2 3 etc.) separated by commas.

Can I use my player’s streaming app to activate The Criterion Channel?

No. If your player uses the streaming app on this list, you cannot activate The Criterion Channel using that method:

How do I watch The Criterion Channel if my Roku is connected to the internet wirelessly?

Make sure your Roku is connected to a strong wireless signal. You can check this by going into “Settings” on your player, then going to the Network section and looking at the signal strength bars for your wireless network. If you need a better connection without moving your player, see if there’s another wireless router closer to where you want to set up your player. You can purchase a wireless signal extender from any electronics retailer, or online for about $20.

Can I watch The Criterion Channel on a computer?

Yes! Go here: .

How do I update the channel?

When there’s a new update, you’ll see a pop-up telling you to update. It’s okay if your Roku is set to never show system messages—if you don’t see an update prompt on the screen, your channel is up-to-date! When there are updates available, they usually arrive in the early afternoon or evening on release days for that week.

What Criterion titles are available to stream?

Right now all of the publicly released streaming titles are available. The oldest title available is David Lean’s Brief Encounter, which was originally released in cinemas in 1945.

How much does this cost?

$11/month or $99/year for unlimited access to over 1,200 Criterion titles. You can watch them on your computer or on Roku, and also use the streaming apps available in your player’s menu (or via a Smart TV).

How is The Criterion Channel different from Hulu?

Hulu has about 300 titles from The Criterion Collection, but Hulu is not run by the people who run The Criterion Collection, so it is a separate service. Hulu doesn’t have all of the Criterion titles available on The Criterion Channel.

What’s going to happen if I cancel my subscription?

You will no longer have access to your account and password, but your Roku player should retain its settings (password etc.) If you wish to subscribe again later, you will have to follow the process on , which requires you to get your new Roku player added to your account before it can stream again.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Log in to your account on . Once logged in, go here: .

Can I use a friend’s account?

No, you cannot. We have a no-sharing policy for this service to prevent people from sharing passwords with other people who do not live in their household. If your Roku player is already linked to another Criterion Channel account, you will not be able to watch The Criterion Channel without following the process on this page: .

Can I use my Roku player outside of the US?

No, at this current time we only support Roku players in the US and Canada. To get around this, you could buy a Roku player from another country that is supported, then switch out the Roku’s motherboard with one from another country that is supported. This would be doing it on your own without technical support from The Criterion Channel.

Does my Roku player have to be in a certain location?

No, all you need to do is register your account details online at . We understand that some people cannot have a Roku player in their home due to computer restrictions at college or work, and for this we suggest you try asking your IT department to install the channel for everyone who has access to the account (such as all students in your college or employees of your company). If they decline, please contact The Criterion Channel at and we will be in touch shortly!

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