Activate Citibank Credit Card Online 2022 activate Citibank Credit Card activation If you recently received a Citibank debit or credit card via the mail, then you’ll be required to activate it before you are able to use it for the store.

The positive aspect is that Citibank provides a variety of methods to activate its brand credit and debit cards.

All you need to do is pick the one you are most comfortable with and follow a few simple steps that we’ll cover in this article.

Read this article, gather all the required information needed to enable your new Citibank credit or debit card.

What are the requirements to activate your Citibank Credit Card?

  • Card number
  • ID of the Bank
  • Passcode
  • Security Code
  • Date on which the card expires
  • Personal details such as birthday, date of birth, email address, telephone number, that are associated to an account at a bank
  • The process of activating Citi Credit and Debit Card gives cardholders a wealth of rewards and benefits when compared to cash transactions. Reward Points, Cashback, Great Discounts, No-Cost EMIs, etc. are benefits you can avail with an CitiBank Card. Credit and Debit Card.
  • There are four options for making an activation Citibank Credit Card and Debit Card.
  • Citibank Card activation by SMS
  • Citibank Card Activation Online.
  • Citibank Card activation by phone.
  • Citibank Card Activation By Citi Mobile App

If you’d like for your Citibank card to be activated Citibank Debit Card or credit Card by SMS, please follow the instructions below.

  • With your mobile number, you’ll be required you to make an message to Citibank.
  • The activation code that you’ll need to send via your mobile number will be –
  • ACT
  • After you’ve created an account on your phone, you’ll have to forward it to 6058.
  • Once you’ve transmitted the message via your mobile, you’ll receive a call via Citi Bank instantly on your phone number, informing you that your CitiBank debit credit card, as well as Citi Bank Credit has been successfully activated.