Top 4 Android TV Launchers For You [LATEST] 2023

The default Android TV launcher is responsive and fast, but there are limited customizations. You can’t change the tile position or remove apps from your home screen. The Android TV home screen now displays ads for movie and app recommendations. It doesn’t provide a pleasant user experience.

The default Android TV launcher isn’t very good so we can use third-party launchers that offer a completely ad-free experience and a lot of customization. These launchers look great and allow you to make your Android TV home screen more appealing than the default Android TV Home Screen. Let’s take a look at the best launchers for Android TVs.

ATV Launcher

FLauncher can be used for basic customization. However, if you desire more control over your TV’s home screen, you should try the ATV Launcher. The launcher allows for tons of customization, including the ability to add widgets and make app tiles fully customizable. This launcher allows us to create folders and sections, as well as arrange apps in a grid view or row view.


The launcher allows us to customize the wallpaper background and tile view. You can easily create sections to group apps. We can also hide and uninstall apps from the home screen. You can increase the size of app tiles and change the grid view from row to row. The launcher offers a wide range of wallpapers, including a variety of categories. We can also choose any image to be our background. You can download this launcher from the Google Play Store.

Sideload Launcher

Sideloading the launcher can be a good option if your Android TV performance is slow. This is one of the basic launchers that offers third-party app support. Sideloaded apps can be accessed directly from the home screen. It has a simple design and allows for quick access to apps. Sideloaded launcher is available for those who use sideloaded apps more than the android tv app. You can download it from the Android TV play store.

Emotn UI

This launcher is the most minimalist I’ve ever used on Android TV. This launcher is unique because of the extensive online wallpapers collection. You can choose from many 4K wallpapers including those from forests, lakes, and mountains. You can upload your custom wallpaper if you feel that is enough. You can also feel the wallpaper changing according to the time.

Few Other Good Launcher For Andorid TV

Ugoos TV Launcher

The Ugoos TV Launcher is an Android TV launcher that boasts a stunning look and impressive speed. It’s highly customizable, featuring numerous options to personalize its appearance such as changing colors, renaming categories and icons, among other things. In addition to this, it has a new category selector with eight distinct choices plus one that contains all your apps. One of the most noteworthy features is its adaptive remote controller and air mouse support.

Simple TV Launcher

You can access six apps from the main screen of this launcher, and you can access device settings by selecting the appropriate icon in the lower right corner. With the Simple TV launcher, you can stream your favorite entertainment in HD resolution up to 1080p. It is a quick and easy-to-use Android TV launcher that allows you to replace the background of your Gallery with your favorite photos.

Top TV Launcher 2

Using this launcher, you can rearrange your home screen apps in any order you like. You can customize your home screen with different app widgets and tiles using the layout builder. The launcher is a $2.66 ad-free premium launcher available from the Google Play Store, and you can add any number of apps to each tile.


The launcher offers a simple search tool for finding apps in real time that is well-designed and optimized. You can add apps to custom categories and have easy access to them by organizing them into four columns. You can control your Android TV’s functions with a D-pad remote that provides shortcuts to all accessible categories. This is also a cost-effective solution that offers a 14-day free trial. After the trial period ends, you will have to pay to continue using it.

The launcher offers dynamic wallpapers, weather, and a memory cleaner widget. This launcher can be used on lower-end devices because it uses very little memory. It is responsive enough to be replaced with the Google TV home launcher desktop.