Microcell Activate AT&T Microcell Online 2023

Are you looking for ways to increase your AT&T cell signal? Get an AT&T MicroCell device. This device functions as a mini-cell tower and allows you to establish strong, secure and shareable signals by connecting to your Internet service. Before you could start using the device, your AT&T MicroCell needs to be installed and activated online at

You can do many things with your AT&T MicroCell equipment including:

  • You can use up to four AT&T 3G/4G phones simultaneously.
  • You can use the minutes and data of your broadband plan.
  • Coverage up to 5,000 sq. Coverage up to 5,000 sq.
  • Approve the use up to 15 active wireless numbers with AT&T Prepaid

How to install and Activate AT&T MicroCell at

In this section, you will come across a step-by-step process to complete the activation of your AT&T MicroCell equipment at at& Keep track of the serial number of your MicroCell device. Also, keep your AT&T access ID, username and password. You should have all the details ready before you go. MicroCell works with all broadband providers. Highly recommended are the downstream speed of 1.5 Mbps and upstream speed at 256 Kbps. MicroCell does not work with wireless broadband or satellite.

  • To establish an Internet connection, connect your device with your Wi-Fi router.
  • Next, place the device on its side (nearly the router), about 3 feet from the window.
  • It is important to make sure it is not stored in the basement or closet.
  • Once you’re certain that the spot is right, you can look for the yellow Ethernet Cable (this should be in the MicroCell box).
  • The yellow connector marked Ethernet must be plugged into one end of the device, and the other into a port on the broadband router.
  • After the AT&T MicroCell device has been connected to your router, connect the AC power adapter and power outlet to the MicroCell device.
  • On your computer, go to com/microcell-activate.
  • Click on the ” activate” button.
  • Choose “HT0_ Personal ” and “HT1_ Business “. This tutorial explains “HT2_ Personal Account “.
  • Click the ” Next” button.
  • When prompted, enter your username and password to myAT&T.
  • Click on ” Log in” to proceed.
  • After reading the Terms and Conditions, click on the ” Next” button.
  • After reading the License agreement/open-source information, click on the ” Next” button.
  • After entering your serial number, click on the ” Next” button.
  • Enter your location and identification information, then click the ” Next_” button.
  • To review the details of your device setup, click “N ext“.
  • If you agree with the setup information provided, click ” Submit“.
  • After confirming your device setup information, click ” Continue“.

Now the activation process is complete. The activation process would take less than 90 minutes. That’s all!

Troubleshooting Tips for AT&T MicroCell Technical Issues

Now you are making the most of your MicroCell equipment. This is great, as long as there are no dropped calls or poor voice quality. These are the top reasons you might encounter such an issue, and how to fix it.

If you are unable to locate your AT&T MicroCell,

  • Take it out of a cabinet or closet and place it in a larger area.
  • You will need to search for a table or a desk on the ground where you can place it.
  • If you are adjacent to another router, ensure there is a minimum of one foot between them.

Signal issues are more likely to occur if the device is near a microwave, flat-panel TV or couch. You should choose a location that is open and accessible.

If the status lights flash you will need to restart the MicroCell equipment. You can do this by unplugging your power cord for 10 second. This will fix the Network Light problem. If you have issues with the Network or GPS Lights then transport your equipment to a location where it can receive a solid GPS light.

You might also encounter an issue where your smartphone does not display the device. If your smartphone doesn’t display the MicroCell equipment, it is time to reboot your phone. You can try restarting your AT&T MicroCell equipment if that fails to resolve the problem. If this fails to work, you can dial the AT&T Customer Support Number.