Activate on Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV 2022

Activate Dishanywhere at on Roku, Apple TV & Fire TV and other streaming devices.

DISH Anywhere subscriptions allow you to stream a huge library of hundreds of thousands of On Demand titles. DISH Anywhere can be used to stream the latest movies/shows at your house, home, or vacation.

All you need to do is activate DISH Anywhere on the web page for your favorite device. Below are the details you’ll need to follow in order to stream live sports, breaking stories, and DVR collection via your DISH Anywhere app.

Guide to Activate DISH Anywhere using

Amazon Fire TV Stick

  1. First, connect Amazon Fire TV Stick with a power source.
  2. After turning on the Amazon Fire TV Stick and connecting it to an HDMI port on your TV, the device will be ready to go. To access the HDMI input, turn on your TV.
  3. On-screen instructions will be displayed to pair your remote and link your Fire TV Stick the internet. You can also register your device.
  4. Now you need to download DISH Anywhere on your Fire TV Stick. The Alexa Voice Remote included with your Fire TV Stick is a great way to do this. Search for DISH Anywhere using the remote and click on the .
  5. Alternativly you can click the Search Icon from the homescreen. Use the on-screen keyboard to enter . Select the option you wish to use from the search results, and press the
  6. If you have an Amazon Video pi, you will be prompt to enter it.
  7. After that, you’ll need to review the End Users License Agreement before pressing the Accept
  8. Now, you will need to go to the page on your computer or mobile web browser. An activation code will be required in the field provided on the activation webpage. The activation code will be displayed on your TV screen.
  9. Once you have entered the activation codes in the appropriate field, you will need the button to activate your device
  10. After pressing the activate Device buttons, you’ll see a confirmation message telling you that your Fire TV Stick had been activated.

Roku Streaming Player at

  1. Turn on your Roku streaming media player and make sure that it’s connected to your TV. Also make sure both your Roku player as well as your TV are connected over the internet.
  2. Next, log in to your Roku Account to proceed to the next steps.
  3. You will then need to press the switch on your Roku remote for access to your Roku home screen.
  4. Scroll down from the Roku Home screen and select the streaming channels.
  5. The next screen will show a list of channels. You can browse the list and locate the app for DISH Anywhere or you can click the Search Channels button to search the app.
  6. Once the app is found, click on it to open its preview page. Next, select the Create channel.
  7. Once the channel has been added to your Roku account you can return to the Home screen. You’ll find the YouTube channel at the bottom.
  8. If asked, open the channel. Sign in to your DISH accounts. Once you see the activation Code on your screen, copy it.
  9. Now, go to the web page on your computer or mobile web browser and enter the code you copied in the provided field.
  10. Next, press the activate Button to access DISH Anywhere. On Apple TV

  1. Turn on your Apple TV to ensure your device is connected.
  2. Next, ensure you are logged into Apple’s account.
  3. Open the App store on your Apple TV. Search for DISH Anywhere by using the search function.
  4. Once you have found the app to your Apple TV, download and install it.
  5. After installation, launch DISH Anywhere app for your TV. Sign in if asked. Keep the activation code visible on your screen in a note.
  6. Then, go to the page on your computer or mobile web browser and enter the code in the prompted field.
  7. To activate the system, simply press the Activate key and then follow the prompts displayed on the screen.
  8. After activating your DISH Anywhere channel successfully, you will be able to watch your favorite content via it. On Android

These instructions will help you install and activate DISH Anywhere on Android TV.

  1. To start, you’ll need to turn on the Android TV first and then connect to the wireless internet.
  2. If you have not already signed in to Google, you will need a Google account to log in once you have turned on the Android TV. Once you are signed in to Google Account, you can press the button from your Android TV remote (if you have one) to go to the home screen.
  3. From the display of your Android television, scroll through the list of apps and other options until you find the Play Store app. To tap on the Play Store App icon, first find it. This will bring you to Google’s app store. On your screen, you’ll see a number of channels. The Play Store will display a list of channels. You can either browse the available apps, or use the search channel to find the DISH Anywhere TV channel.
  4. Once you find the DISH Anywhere Channel application, you will need access to its preview page. To proceed, press the Download link on the preview screen. Wait for the process to be completed.
  5. The DISH Anywhere channel will now be added to the Android TV after the installation process is complete. Next, you’ll need to return to the screen from your Android TVR in order to find the DISH Anywhere channel. It will be at the very bottom of the list.
  6. Once you have opened the DISH Anywhere Channel, you will need sign in or log out to your DISH Anywhere account. Once you’re logged into your DISH Anywhere, you’ll need to locate the activation number. Copy the activation Code from the screen. This code will be required during activation.
  7. Now open a web page on your phone or computer. In the address bar, enter and open the page.
  8. On the activation screen, you will be asked to sign into your account first. You will be asked to enter your login credentials in both the Username and Password fields. Finally, click the LOGIN Button.
  9. Once you are logged into, you will need the activation number you copied earlier in a prompt field. After that, confirm the code.
  10. Once your code is successfully verified, you’ll need to follow the prompts in order to activate the account. The DISH Anywhere application will then be activated and you can go back to your Android television to access your favorite content.

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